Building a barn venue

design is everything

More than just a font, logo, and website, engineering an identity is the challenge. For Fines Creek Farm, design is truly in the details. Every single element, from the earliest stages of the business plan, features to be offered, dimensions and design of public spaces to be created, antiques and objects inside those spaces, content of the gardens, arrangement of rocks, was carefully considered before-hand. Right down to the exact color, shape and wattage of the lightbulb…and the fixtures that housed them. There were endless potential shortcuts that we did not take. We spent weeks building additional hand-made barn doors on-site that were required by a state occupancy code we begrudgingly learned about just weeks before the opening. Even those doors were crafted with the end goal in mind. Counter-intuitively, the goal was that the end product would mask every ounce of our sweat equity, and instead leave people with only serenity. This would be a destination for families to share in one of the most important days in their lives.

The wedding venue industry, like many, has become particularly commoditized and instagram-famous. This has left most couples looking for a truly unique venue completely lost with cookie-cutter venues. Fines Creek Farm is not that. It is one-of-a-kind. To elicit the type of response and access the unique segment of the market we wanted, design had to run deep. Familiar yet unique. Usable, yet authentic. And, like what was to take place here, everything built to last a lifetime.

The entire process was lean and self-funded, at no added cost to the owners by selling a portion of unneeded contents in the buildings at auction.