A "stranger" empowered me today

How do we perpetuate the incredible experiences in life and minimize those that negatively impact us? How do we forge real relationships that propel us forward? How do we meet people that make us better? There is no way to completely ignore all the bad things that happen in life, but there must be a way to minimize them so that what we remember and reflect in times of adversity, confusion, or even just in solitude are those things that carry us forward. In this way, we cannot fail. Everyone we meet and everything we do is positive momentum. We can’t ignore our mistakes nor should we use this as our excuse when we inevitably slip. Right now I feel like I can accomplish absolutely anything even if nothing has really changed and I end up doing nothing amazing today. Then again, it’s really not about what I accomplish today, it’s about how enabled I feel. It arose from a conversation with a stranger that left me feeling supported, loved, and undoubtedly understood. I am thankful. But how can I give to others what I just received? Maybe giving stems from a simple acknowledgment or smile. Maybe it’s just about listening to what people are really saying — peeling away the distractions and disguises erected as walls and anchoring ourselves to the truth even if it’s more difficult to confront. Maybe it’s about offering unrelenting support and acceptance in the face of doubt or negativity. It could be all of these things, or none of them. Raw emotion is often labeled as unproductive passion and intensity or a type of sickness indicative of instability rather than a sign of potential. The things we say and do have far-reaching effects and often-unintended impact. I don’t know how to truly empower people. I just know that everyone deserves to feel empowered.