Wow, I’m just surprised you made it this far! Was a real doozy, ay?  Lucky for you, I’ve already anticipated your next thought: Why the blog, Robert? Valid question, my new friend!  I’ve always been passionate about technology and innovation.  I’m emotionally invested in this stuff. I joined several “think tanks” throughout college and was part of countless entrepreneurial efforts along the way. I contributed my expertise and became an absorbent learning sponge with a venture capital firm that analyzed the feasibility and returns of startups, and, as a young chap, I started a business to sell my photography — yet somehow, my message has been lost in translation. Hmm… message? Yeah, I just haven't done enough. Let me explain.

It struck me a few months ago. I have this insatiable itch. It’s a desire to do, to contribute, to learn, to make stuff happen — to make a direct impact. I guess I never allowed my voice to be heard. For the past several years, the mic was muted.  I’ve had this passion all along and, yet, feel like I haven’t taken full advantage of it. It’s here that I will break free and, at the very least, get my thoughts out on paper.  From current events in technology to the state of innovation, I’ll try to keep it fresh. Oh and if that bores you, check out my photography, design projects, and other — often laughable — creative endeavors.  I’m curious to hear your story and to learn from you, so reach out to me. Call me up. Chat me. Add me. Let’s connect. The world is my playground at this point. I want an adventure.