My sense of boundless adventure and perpetual curiosity was struck early on by cameras, lenses, and pixels. Photography has always been my getaway. Even surrounded by complete and utter chaos — in that moment — my life is zen. As for design, it’s total amateur hour. I like messing around in Photoshop and Illustrator but it's all for fun. I’m glued to the evolution of print, mobile, and web design and I love thinking about how to improve user interaction/user experiences. I love fonts, filters, layers, effects, shapes, shadows, and lines. Really, there’s nothing cooler than getting lost in the tuning and refinement of it all. Perfectionism at its finest, I legitimately spend hours tweaking every slider, every parameter, and every pixel until I have something legit. It's insane how laser-focused and patient I can be when I'm doing things I love. Similarly, I get huge satisfaction from woodworking projects, furniture building and stone masonry. I learn best by doing. Occasionally I create something cool, but usually I'm just out to explore.