Dreamers vs. doers. I always wonder what the medium ground is here. Where do we find balance? What about those of us who are sort of stuck in the middle? What if we dream of being a doer, but can't seem to set things in action? What if we've already done, but feel we haven't done enough? What's the cut off for something real and relevant? How does a dreamer become a doer? Do all dreamers become doers? And do all doers still have time to dream with all their doing? Some of us are too impatient to "waste" time dreaming and yet some of us "waste" all our time dreaming and never do. Like anything, I suppose it's all about finding the magic point of equilibrium and the right balance: where we maximize action and minimize the passing (waste) of time. But then, what about time? Do we really want to minimize the time we spend on something? Books take more time than blog posts, but I rarely, if ever, find myself lost in a blog post to the point of feeling the narrative (if even worthwhile). Books push me to think more critically and play with my emotions. Emotional stimulation, for me, creates stronger impact at the end of the day. But if it's a blog post about something I'm passionate and truly curious about, that emotional impact can be even stronger if digested more quickly. A bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. Which brings me to impact.

I've learned that 99.8% of people spend their entire day 100% numb to the world around them. We like to imagine this future of robots, self-driving cars, and AI. Guess what? The world is already filled with robots. Creatures who do their jobs, don't think in terms of opportunity costs or maximizing their impact, value, or time in this world. They're happy getting "Job A" done if that means a steady paycheck or the ability to move on to "Job B." They're not motivated by something else. They rarely believe in their ideas. They aren't pushed to think outside the box. They are fine being trapped in a culture of stagnancy if that stagnancy means steadiness. They don't want to surround themselves with visionaries and innovators because that would waste too much time or maybe it's too unrealistic. It would take longer for them to finish "Job A" and have the chance to start "Job B."  I realized this isn't me — at least, not right now. I want job security, but I want to dream. I want to create and learn. I want to have an impact and I have no idea how, why, what, or when to do it. There has to be something more satisfying to gain from life. Sometimes taking a break from "Job A" to dream up "Task F" inspires the real progress later on. I just know that I'm not one of these robots. Who knows, maybe I'm part of another robot army I've yet to discover. Maybe there's a whole set of people I just haven't found yet. People who thrive on progress, innovation, and are driven by technology. But still, when I'm interviewing for a job, I never have the chance or the time to show this side of myself. Fifty thousand applicants applying for one position means we concentrate on only the most efficient or the highest quality. It's a number, a G.P.A., an accolade. What does this mean for all the people in the world who just haven't discovered their best talent, just haven't met the right person yet, aren't adept at marketing, haven't had "their break" or, maybe, can't find a way to broadcast their message effectively? They're fucked.  Some go through life and never think about these questions. Maybe I'm too focused on this stuff.  But how could I not think about it? When you're lucky enough to connect with people who really get you, the weight is lifted and anything is possible. I've felt it more and more lately and this feeling of being understood is powerful. I feel more enabled than ever. And I'd like to imagine that this is how we make progress and how ideas turn into reality. The dreamer vs. doer conflict is everywhere —our jobs, our relationships, ourselves, and yes, even love.

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
— Tom Robbins

I'm hoping I meet more people who think about these things. People who understand that, in the end, it's all about what motivates people. I've read a lot of bios, stalked a lot of profiles, and studied lots of stories and from what I can tell, those who are motivated by the good things in life seem to be infinitely more happy. I won't ever feel accomplished by making a ton of money. Well...wait a sec, I wont go thattttt far. But THAT isn't what drives me. What motivates me is meeting genuine people, having engaging conversations, and discovering how curiosity and passion leads to innovation. These are all just words, though. I better get out there and build something or I'm "wasting my time" looking instead of creating. Dreaming instead of doing. Connect with me and tell me about your failures, your processes, and your stories. I want to hear how you made things happen.